I have a vision,
Building thousands of hemicyles, allowing the world to debate;
Building thousands of scientific research centers, allowing science to be not-for-profit.
I am not dreaming, those things aren't made of gold, paper or digits.
Explorons is a new empire that will make that happen by having its own banking and credit institutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why am I building an empire?

I want to build some not-for-profit research centers for the creation of scientific instruments, but no one wants to finance.

I have explored many regions around the world and seen myriads of empty lands. By traveling, I have realized megacities are concentrated and so small compared to the vastness of the world and all its free space. Now I have the certitude: the land, the material, sand, metal, all is there. We have the place and resources to build thousands of research centers right now. Thousands.

I have also seen so many scientists struggling for money in order to pursue their research projects. Yet, in terms of material, in terms of natural resources, all is there.

Not-for-profit research in science is sustainable, not as the car industry. So why those one thousand new centers aren’t built?

It is always the same problem: money.
Money is important because it can be exchanged for anything, and it is the perfect way to split with justice and precision the reward of a sum of work. Ten thousands persons working on the same project need to be rewarded accordingly and proportionally to their amount of work. Numbers, money, is the solution.

Why is there almost no money for not-for-profit science?
Only a few entities are allowed to create money, and they loan it with interest, and they choose to who they loan it. The human beings owning the global banking and credit institutions do not really support science and exploration. At least not as I would like to.

Realistically, if right now I own trillions of dollars, I can build those research centers. But those trillions of dollars are virtual, only digits in a bank account. Should we accept our life to be ruled by virtual digits? Does that make sense? Because I have seen it with my own eyes, all the land is there, all the resources are there, and all the humans willing to do something in common, are also there. Why are we accepting the life we have, the world we have, while all we need are... virtual digits?

This is why, I have decided, to build a new empire, where it is myself who will control the creation of money and credits.

02. Why the name Explorons?

Explorons is a French word that means let’s explore.
Exploration needs to run the world. Sadly, what is good or bad is totally subjective and simply backed by feelings and beliefs, not by reason. Exploration is associated with curiosity, with the existential questions, with the ‘we don’t know’. I will write a short book about it.

03. Why should it be you who controls the money, instead using gold or Bitcoin?

Many people are indeed supporting Bitcoin or going back to gold. I admire those people for understanding the monetary system and proposing a much better solution. Better because with Bitcoin or gold, you cannot be cheated by the system. However, it is still for me a disappointing improvement. With gold, history shows that even under a fair monetary system, there were still slavery and huge inequalities. Some people gets rich, and use their money for unvaluable and selfish interests. The selfish part of the human nature, again. Most of the people defend their own personal interests. In 2019, in Brazil, an extremely poor family hosted me for a week. I offered food they could not afford. I asked the wife, “If you were rich, what would you do with the money? What is your dream?” She hadn’t the time to reflect, but she answered, “I want a swimming pool in my garden.” The majority of people lack courage, vision, and hope. They follow the natural selfish instinct of the human nature. They keep their money for something they value, for their own interests, like a swimming pool. They do not risk all their money in order to build a truly beautiful future for everyone. Yet, they could get what they valued in a more grandiose way, if it was collectively financed and built. The past societies and today society are designed to make selfish interests predominant. A perfectly equal and fair system blocks the way for the ones trying to realize admirable ideals. Someone obsessed for a beautiful world vision, full of hope and courage, can, under the acceptation of others as an emperor, bring more greatness to the world than if the power is shared among every individual.

04. What is the first thing you will build when this empire becomes alive?

A thousand hemicyles, to debate.
And then, another thousand.

Widespread open criticism is an extremely important feature of civilization.

Imagine you disagree with someone about something. Before people vote for you or the other, you both have to debate in public in front of many people for a few days or more – until the disagreement is clearly exposed, understood, and accepted. This system will allow everybody to properly judge and vote.

However, there are some things in this world that have to be experienced to be understood. In those special cases, the majority will misjudge. To avoid that, some individuals which have gained merit, need to have their voice specially taken into account.

To help solve or identify disagreements, in every hemicyle I will put dictionnaries which explain the difference between synonyms. Miscommunication is the source of most disagreements, and therefore, problems in the world. Most of the time when two people disagree, they have not clearly identified the source of their disagreement, either because the source is outside the subject they are talking about, or because for both of them, a same word has subtle difference in meaning. And in both cases, the more they talk the more they dig themselves in deeper, growing the disagreement.

05. Pretty well every supreme leader in every setting has proven to be just too corruptible for your system to work. I really dislike dictatorships and empires. Dictators and emperors can pick incompetent or malevolent advisors and subordinates who can stifle innovation and progress. Monarchy, oligarchy, and the socialist stage of communism all produced oppressive, innovation-stifling circumstances.

How many emperors have existed? How many settings have been tested? If we had 1 million worlds and 1 million emperors in each world, will every single one of them fail?
There is no perfect solution. In every form of society we find cons. But right now, rather than seeing the world being a true democracy with gold or Bitcoin, I would prefer to see Steve Turner, Drew Endy, Kent Kemmish, or George Church becoming the emperor of the world. It would not be perfect, but they would make the world a radically better place than if the power is shared among every individual which are made of a selfish human nature. If we were living in a beautifully designed society, we could probably switch towards a true democracy with equal power and make it work. But starting from the society we live today, can we switch to a beautiful one via a true democracy with equal power where each individual will defend their own interest, competitivity and jealousy growing rapidly?

The selfish part of the human nature naturally goes against what is collective and altruistic: There are grandiose revolutions and enterprises that cannot be realized in a fair, free and equal system. Imagine someone saying “Let’s all give one third of our money to this great revolution for nature!” But since everyone is free to not do it, most of the people will resign, scared of risking alone, and some, seeing it as an opportunity to take advantage of others.
The role of the emperor isn’t to turn off the selfish part in people. Actually, he has to turn off his own most of the time because he is observed by all the others. His role, is to serve as the agreement between all the other human beings and as a guarantee. An emperor is a single man, he is weak. The rest of the human beings can always revolt and stop seeing this human being as an emperor. In the past they didn’t, because they weren’t aware of the power they had all together. The emperor, with his power allowed by all the others, has the ability to execute the collective and altruistic vision, revolution, enterprise, for common good and beyond.

I do not think power inevitably corrupt people and change them to a great extent. Personnally, I do not get more pleasure by eating more, my belly is limited in size, I get pleasure when I let myself become starving or famished, and eat. I enjoy the hotness of a shower only when I have been under the cold. One day, when I was homeless in Sicilia and my whole body was freezing, I was dreaming of a hot shower. After walking the narrow slopping roads, I got hot and wasn’t anymore dreaming of it. I cannot really enjoy making love to a woman if it’s everyday, but if it’s been months and I am “starving” or “famished”, then I can.
Pleasure/happiness is intimately linked to suffering/sadness. Remove all the suffering/sadness and difficulty, and pleasure/happiness will lack intensity.
Supreme leaders which have felt into corruption must probably have been unaware of the traps of the human nature, the unsolvable loops.They have let their instinct and feelings drive them. They maybe have found a reason for it. But when you meet the ideology of exploration, how can you give up for some simple human nature? The mysteries of the world always offer hope for something.

Today, most people, malinformed, don’t see the corruption, so they continue to accept the system.

Anyway, what is important is movement. Almost every human-made thing that is stationary dies... Emperors, governments, etc. die. Not in one century, but over a long period of time. In the past, the territory of the France we know had another name, its frontiers where at different places. Things constantly change, so what is important is movement, to constantly grow and move towards the best, and not bother much about settling laws thinking it will last forever. Talking about territories, do you think it is possible that in a century, the world will become consentingly ruled by one entity? Keeping different cultures, but all human beings, part of the same team, because our spaceship is the planet Earth. To get back to our subject, unless some amazing technologies are conceived, all our generation will die, and who knows how will think a human being in 2,000 years? Maybe all our thoughts will be outdated. So what matters is not perfection, but that we progress.

Honestly, if I become the one controlling the creation of money, after a while I will find a solution to make myself not useful anymore as a ruler, so I can focus on solving biology as a researcher and inventor like some others. Also, I want to be in a spaceship with other human beings and explore space. I want to “play” to this life, and not alone, with others. Being a supreme leader and dependent of its function must be boring over a long period of time.

06. I'm not sure I see a need for tons of research centers / campuses. I think campuses of 20-100 people are ideal. And there are thousands of campuses around the world devoted to making scientific instruments. JEOL makes electron microscopes, among other things, has about $1 billion per year in revenue, has about 3,000 employees, and probably has employees trying to invent new instruments that no one has conceived of before. Thermo Fisher Scientific has about $25B annual revenue and 70,000 employees.

A small team in George Church's lab will very problably achieve much more than 100 people randomly selected from the street. It’s always the relation between quality and quantity. However, I do want to insist on the fact that we are very far from fully understanding biology, and even more far from being able to manipulate every aspect of it. Let's imagine there is a war and it reduces the number of laboratories in the world – the only labs remaining being at Harvard. It would reduce the progress, because all the others which would have been destroyed (Stanford and others) were contributing. If we increase the number of laboratories, of research centers, of places where people can work on solving biology, then we accelerate the progress. If tomorrow there are 1,000 new well-managed research centers, they will definitely contribute to advance science and knowledge. Now, the education, what's in the labs, what the researchers do, how many they are, etc. is another subject, a complicated one that will involve great debates.

Second point: there are maybe thousands other existing research centers, but none of them is hosting Kent and his invention for free to help advance science. And I remember when I lived inside the bioengineering building in Stanford, all the different labs where really separate from each other and protecting their IP. The world and even the science community is about business and competitivity. I would like to see the whole science community without the need to ask for money, without competitivity between them, just one passion all together: exploration. Like all the people in a spaceship, they work together and truly coexist with each other, helping without a sense of rivalry. All the science community on earth, earth being their spaceship, they work together, this is the vision.

07. So if you were emperor, you would spend trillions of dollars per year on scientific R&D? Like what percent of GDP: 20%?

The number means nothing. The company Whatsapp owns more money than a group of farms which produce food. So I don't know and I don't care about this number because I see things as a resource-based economy. Therefore, if there is space, sand, metal and farms available, I would allocate a lot to scientific R&D. The key is always that people and the system are driven by passion and coherence, not by a number.

It is even possible that in a more far future it shifts towards a no-money society. The technology of money will perhaps become outdated sooner than we think...

08. Who are some of the people you would delegate to dole out those funds? I assume you wouldn't give funds to everyone who claims to be doing STEM.

To who should we give credits? Certainly not to everyone, else it will quickly become a mess.
Hemicycles will be there, enabling the truth or the best to prevail most of the time.

09. I don’t understand, you call it an empire, but your idea with the hemicyles sounds more something of a true democracy.

Someone needs to be at the top in order to expose when the democracy takes the society to another direction. A group of people could still change their appearance, cheat, and convince an uninformed public in order to gain power, although difficult in the setup of hemicycles. I know the 4 men I mentionned earlier, Kent Kemmish, Drew Endy, Steve Turner and George Church. They cannot really change, they have built themselves for years, their values and personality are engraved, they can't change that much, going to another direction, becoming a totally different person. Nor my grandmother. The emperor needs to be able to dismantle this sort of democracy if it goes the wrong way. To be honest, I trust no one else but me to carry the vision I dream of... not even Kent Kemmish my faithful teammate... Look, at the end the democracy in France changed over time, slowly it became an oligarchy. Demo meaning people, cracy meaning power, since I cannot write and vote laws, the power is not in the people. Technocracy, oligarchy, democracy, all need to be supervised by one man who represents the vision. I am selling a vision, selling a world, who but the one who fights and devotes his life to sell it, is more trustworthy to execute it over the long term?

10. If you create an empire of trillions of dollars you do not need me to agree to join... you can force everyone away to participate. That is the situation we are in. Someone already had your idea. They did it, and we all participate whether we like it or not.

An empire that issues the credit is created once the people agree with it. Today the empire issuing the credit is not supporting attempts of projects which could advance science, else Demonpore and thousands of other projects would already be funded.
And indeed, today, if we do not support this empire or another, then we are indirectly supporting the situation we are in.

11. If you look closely you will see that the empire is built entirely out of agreement. Why do you think there are laws preventing issuance of new money? To block a competing empire.

Once we are millions we can start issuing a new money and impose our laws.
The science community, the military, all the people of the world need to agree to create another empire.

12. How will you try to get them to agree?

I have to write short books about:
- Love and its reasons;
- The monetary system, its use and power;
- Death;
- Time;
- Why exploration should run the world;
- The empire Explorons;

I have to master different subjects, and keep training to become an excellent orator.

Some people think “we are living through exactly the kind of point in history where unlikely greatness emerges.”

13. Are you a transhumanist?

It depends how you define this word. I prefer a horse to a car. I prefer a letter to a phone. I prefer a candle to a lamp, most of the time I prefer the natural. I do want to explore this world by the mean of science and technology. I do want, if it’s possible, to control biology at the smallest scale to harmlessly explore the human consciousness. I do want, if it’s possible, to explore for myself and the ones who want, the consequences of rejuvenating our body and brain. I do want to explore space, and live adventures with others with our spaceships. But I do want to clean our earth, we must see it as our only spaceship. I do want to make more charming and beautiful cities. I do want to biologize the industries, and reconnect our society with nature. I will forever remember when I was homeless and slept for a long time by the sea or in the middle of a sunflower crops. Nature must be respected and taken care of, because its beauty supports us, sometimes enduring our human condition.

But I think I am more a thinker than a transhumanist. What is the meaning of this world? Is there even one? How to know for certain? We don’t know. So how to know for certain if something is right or wrong, when there is no way to prove what is the meaning of this world?
Like I said before, I have to write a short book about it, but to me, life is an adventure, and I value questions and exploration. And this is why I said earlier that exploration should run the world. Not that everything everywhere should be exclusively about scientific and philosophical exploration, but that it needs to be the main component of our civilization, because it is intimately linked to the existential questions which are intemporal and which all human beings face.

14. How to join this empire as a supporter?

Send me a photography of yourself. That’s all.
You can remove yourself and join again whenever you want by contacting me, without being judged.

15. What can I do to participate?

Keep listening to your heart and around you.
Leadership is not about giving orders. When the movement will become more active, I hope some men and women will help me to lead the way, to carry the vision.
Anyway, just joining as a supporter is already a huge contribution. It’s the quantity of supporters is almost everything. It’s a long road, therefore good for the moral to have new supporters time to time.

Thank you for reading, for your time. Negative critics, questions and corrections are always helpful.
This FAQ will be frequently updated.
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