In 2015, during his internship at EMBL-EBI in Cambridge, Charles thought about creating a large campus devoted to the creation of scientific instruments in order to fully understand and manipulate biology at the smallest scale in his lifetime. In the next few days he resigned his internship and went back to Paris.

In 2016, when he was 21, he went to the United States for 3 months. He slept at people's home and explored many laboratories and companies (Google Calico, The Buck Institute Research for Aging, Pacific Biosciences, Genia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, NIH, UCSF, and others). He was disappointed to not have seen any place that was similar to the campus he envisioned.

In 2017 he joined Kent Kemmish's basement in Arizona. He helped him during 3 months develop a novel nanopore. He is now a co-founder and board member of Demonpore, which has been selected by Y Combinator in 2018.

In 2018 he explored many laboratories and projects in Stanford University. He secretely slept in the bioengineering building during 2 months. He finally joined the Endy Lab as a visitor researcher. Again, he was disappointed by the lack of vision and sense, because none of the infrastructures and projects he has seen would enable him to achieve his first goals in his lifetime. So in late 2019, he started SolveBiology.

Charles Gaillard